Program Notes

Jazz at Lincoln Center: New Jazz Frontiers

“Jazz is dead” is one of the evergreens in jazz literature. Yet for all the challenges, real and perceived facing jazz in the cultural marketplace, the real story for the past few decades has been the triumph of jazz.




Carnegie Hall: Old Sounds, New Voices Ana Moura and Buika

April 26, 2016
Isaac Stern Auditorium / Ronald O. Perelman Stage

ana mouraFado is music of hard-earned wisdom and longing. It’s a grown person’s art. And yet, after the passing in 1999 of Amalia Rodrigues, the most important singer in fado’s history, a generation of young fadistas came into view, re-energizing the genre.








Her emotions in open view, like the texts etched on her skin; singer, songwriter, producer, poet, photographer Buika seems fearless — and breathtakingly so — on and off stage.



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Carnegie Hall: Vicente Amigo




March, 2016
Isaac Stern Auditorium/ Ronald O. Perelman Stage

For all the spectacle of drama and virtuosity in flamenco — the flashes of movement and color by the dancers; the dazzling runs and powerful strumming on the guitar — at the beginning was the word.




Carnegie Hall: Arnaldo Antunes with Orquesta Imperial




arnaldoDecember, 2012
Voices From Latin America Festival
Nov.8 – Dec. 11, 2012

In his playful but powerful Manifesto Antropófago published in 1928, Brazilian modernist poet Oswald de Andrade used the metaphor of cannibalism to offer a strategy for creating a post-colonial culture that would be truly national, but also modern and cosmopolitan.