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Program book for the Annual Latin GRAMMY®


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Astor Piazzolla – A Memoir (Annotated  Edition)

Astor Piazzolla with Natalio Gorin. Translated annotated and expanded by Fernando Gonzalez.


From the Amazon page. Astor Piazzolla, brilliant, iconoclastic tango musician, and composer, has become a national hero in Argentina and a cult figure for classical and jazz lovers worldwide, but only after a lifetime of controversy and struggle. The outspoken, headstrong Piazzolla told his story to journalist and longtime fan Natalio Gorin in the spring of 1990 in a series of frank interviews. Translator Fernando Gonzalez, an Argentine native and American popular music critic who covered Piazzolla’s career in the United States, has annotated the Amadeus edition for the widening audience that is rediscovering Astor Piazzolla.



Spanish Cultural Center. Miami.

Spain’s Traveling Exhibit A Tres Bandas

Syncretism and Hybridization in the music of Latin America
– Honoring 500 Years of Musical Heritage in The Americas  –
Presented by Acción Cultural Española and Centro Cultural Español Miami
Sept. 5 – Oct 27, 2013
The touring A Tres Bandas exhibit in Miami featured a local component including a series of performances, concerts, and events created by the team at CCE Miami, and a series of Listening Sessions curated by Miami music critic Fernando Gonzalez.

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The Latin Recording Academy’s Latin GRAMMY Guide to Latin Music

latin grammyThe Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
The Latin GRAMMY® Guide to Latin Music
Produced for the 1st Annual Latin GRAMMY, September 13, 2000
“Latin music” has never been more than a shorthand for a universe of rhythms and styles as diverse as the people who created them. For a while, it was a useful convention. Not anymore.  More…


Piazzolla And The Passion of Tango

A New World Symphony In-Context Festival

Tango On Film, Tuesday, and Wednesday; The Story of Tango with Pablo Ziegler’s Quintet for New Tango, Friday, April 5;  Piazzolla in Chamber Music, Saturday; and Piazzolla and the Orchestra, Daniel Binelli bandoneon, Gisele Ben-Dor, conductor, Saturday and Sunday. The Festival also included an exhibit featuring Piazzolla’s bandoneón; original scores (for “Libertango,” and “Triunfal”), an early notebook, and other objects lent to the New World Symphony by Piazzolla’s daughter Diana and son, Daniel.

Fernando González Festival Advisor and Associate Producer

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 Radio: Jazz With an Accent on 88.9 FM WDNA, Miami

A  nine one-hour program series exploring jazz around the world produced and hosted by Fernando González for 88.9 FM WDNA Miami.
Jazz, the quintessential American art form, has become a global language that many artists around the world are using to tell their stories. The thematic shows focused on specific areas such as Vocal Jazz, Electric Fusion, Large Ensembles, Postcards From The Edge (the Avant-Garde) and Standards (re-imagined).