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Astrid Hadad And The Necessary Art Of Mockery

True, the blog Jazz With an Accent is at times more about the “Accent” — the languages and ways in which, despite borders, walls and the awful noise, we try to share experiences and communicate — than it is about “Jazz.” It was hard to pass up an opportunity to speak with the extraordinary Mexican singer, actress, and performance artist Astrid Hadad. This piece was written for Artburst Miami

Astrid Hadad takes the absurd seriously. Her surreal brand of cabaret lampoons the marketing of Mexico’s cultural icons and reframes received historical truths. Her costumes, often marvels of movable set design, unfold, billow and blink. At one moment, she’s a living Diego Rivera calla lilies painting, and the next, a walking Aztec pyramid. She can turn herself into an altar, a revolver-shooting mama and a Frida Kahlo trinket.


Miami’s Little Haiti Book Festival Celebrates Literature, Culture, and Community


Jan Mapou in his bookstore,

Libreri Mapou, in Miami’s Little Haiti.

Knight Foundation blog, May, 2017

Jan Mapou sounds almost giddy when discussing the Little Haiti Book Festival—and with good reason. The event, which started with a Knight Arts Challenge award, is now in its fifth year. It has grown steadily and is now a partnership between Sosyete Koukouy of Miami, the Society of the Fireflies, the Haitian cultural organization Mapou founded in 1985, and Miami Dade College’s Miami Book Fair.



A Google search for poetry and a new word association


Knight Foundation Blog, March, 2017

Over the years O, Miami, the annual, monthlong poetry festival in South Florida, has used billboards and bus stops, benches and pieces of paper sown into garments in thrift stores, to bring poetry to the residents.
This year, O, Miami is putting poetry into a Google search.