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The Marketing of Che Guevara

 The Miami Herald,  April, 1997.

By the time he was captured and killed in Bolivia, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was shadowed by failures. His last was leading a small leftist guerrilla group in the Bolivian mountains on a campaign to spark a continental war of liberation. Taken wounded after a battle with the Bolivian army on Oct. 8, 1967, Guevara was executed the next day on the dirt floor of a schoolhouse in La Higuera, a hamlet in southern Bolivia.

It was an inglorious end to an adventure that had become an unmitigated disaster.

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Heberto Padilla and the (discarded) poets of the Revolution


Self-Portrait of the Other
Heberto Padilla

The Boston Globe, March 1990

At a time when figures such as playwright Vaclav Havel, president of Czechoslovakia, and Peruvian novelist and presidential candidate Mario Vargas Llosa seem to embody the idea of the philosopher-king, Self-Portrait of the Other, the memoir of Cuban poet Heberto Padilla, serves as a sobering reminder of the complex relationship between art and politics.


The Perón Novel, When Myth Becomes a Man


The Perón Novel
Tomas Eloy Martínez

The Boston Globe, April, 1988

General Juan Domingo Perón would have appreciated the paradox.
In life, he achieved mythical status. As the central character in Tomas Eloy Martinez’s brilliant “The Peron Novel,” a chilling tale of power, decline and madness, he becomes human again.